Dean's Message

Our engineering faculty targets creative young people who have the courage to make the discoveries and inventions of the future by achieving what was previously impossible.

We expect our students to develop their abilities deeply in our faculty environment where we are working more and more every day to place them among the best in the world.

In the future, we expect our students to play important roles in the international arena. The Faculty of Engineering offers a wide range of international education and research programs that prepare students to meet this expectation with their courses, experiments, and research. What we want our students to acquire is not only professional expertise, but also a wide range of information, an understanding of ethics, a superior will in competition and a deep sensitivity to understanding needs. Learning desire and strong curiosity are the primary qualities that our students should have when choosing our faculty.

There is never a single solution to the problems that arise when formulating engineering and scientific research plans, including everyday designs. In fact, it is possible to find a large number of solutions depending on the approaches, thinking styles and personalities of those who try to find them. Engineering is a creative discipline. The Faculty of Engineering provides training and research that places emphasis on promoting different creativity. Scientific and technological research cannot be clearly classified as basic science or applied science. The Faculty of Engineering not only offers students lessons and experiences to deepen technical expertise, but also helps them develop their creativity by designing workshops that require dedication, problem solving skills, field trips, internship and graduation research.

Professor Dr. Ramadan YAMAN
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences