This regulation has been prepared for the students of the Department of Industrial Engineering within the scope of Istanbul Atlas University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Internship Regulation.


¬ Students are required to do an internship for at least 60 working days (12 weeks) during their education.

¬ Students will have 20 working days computer, 20 working days manufacturing and 20 working days management internship.

¬ An internship period can be done in 2-day periods in XNUMX different enterprises.

¬ Students do internship as of the second semester.

¬ Official holidays are not counted as internships. A week is considered to be 5 working days. Saturdays are considered to be working days in workplaces where they work like a working day.

Internships can be done during the summer break and / or during the semester break if they provide 10 working days. Doing internships outside the summer months and semester break for valid reasons is up to the decision of the Internship Committee.


¬ The responsibility of finding an internship place belongs to the student.

¬ The student must obtain the written approval of the Internship Committee before starting the internship in the company he / she found. Internships started without the approval of the Internship Committee are not valid. For this, the internship place information form is approved by the department internship officer.

¬ Students do internships in foreign countries, except Turkey.

¬ In line with the permission of the Department Chair and if the conditions are met, internships can be done in other higher education institutions. However, the duration of the internship to be done in this way cannot exceed half of the total internship period.

The student who will do the internship is given a letter written by the Department to be forwarded to the relevant manager in the organization. This letter contains information about the purpose and procedure of the internship.

Students whose internship place and dates are determined submit their workplace internship acceptance form to the Internship Committee before the end of the semester.


¬ Internship Place Information Form

¬ Internship Application Form

¬ Internship Evaluation Form

¬ Internship Report

¬ SGK Assurance Statement Certificate

¬ State Contribution Information Form

Internship Report is written in Turkish. This report may be in English due to the limitations of the internship place for internships abroad. The report should be in accordance with a template to be prepared and published by the Department and should be arranged in chronological order divided into weeks.

At the end of the internship, the student submits the Internship Evaluation Form and the Internship Report in a sealed envelope filled in by the institution officials to the Internship Committee.

The Internship Report is reviewed by the Internship Committee. When necessary, the student's knowledge of the internship content is examined. As a result, it may be decided to refuse the internship completely or to rewrite the Internship Report.



¬ In all production companies (state / private) in the sector,

¬ Banks, telecom companies, small and medium-sized software companies,

¬ Internships can be done in companies and universities abroad.


¬ The reports to be written will be evaluated in terms of technical content, internships related to insufficient content will not be accepted.

¬ Quoting from the internet or other sources without reference to the internship reports will be considered as copy and the relevant internships will be deemed invalid.

¬ It is expected that the opinions stated in the Internship Evaluation Form about our student who is doing an internship by the workplace will be sufficiently positive.

¬ The internship information given by our student during the internship application and the information in the Internship Evaluation Form (date, place of internship, etc.) submitted at the end of the internship must match.


At the end of the internship, convincing evidence will be requested from our students who want to do online internships that the internship was done completely. If there is not enough evidence for the online internship, the internship will be considered void. Social security will be provided by the school for online internships. Online internship will be considered as a maximum of 20 working days.

About other details and in some special cases, the Department Internship Guide and the decisions and practices of the Department Internship Officer / Commission are taken into account.