Laboratories of Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Programming Laboratory

The Computer Engineering Programming Laboratory function is a laboratory where students coding with up-to-date coding tools and components. As a technical feature, it is a personal computer laboratory with desktop and sufficient hard disk capacity with 40 up-to-date software and hardware.

Logic Design, Digital Systems, Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers Application Laboratory

Logic design, sequential circuit design, digital systems are examined, microcontrollers, digital signal processors and field programmable gate arrays can be applied, Digital Design, Introduction to Computer Architecture and Design, Digital Design with VerilogHDL, R & D It is a multi-functional laboratory that can be studied and students can develop themselves professionally. In addition, it is a desktop personal computer laboratory with 20 up-to-date software and hardware.

Cluster Computer Environment Where Data-Intensive Applications Are Sampled

It is a laboratory consisting of multiple computer environments that can be used in data mining, data analysis and application areas. Apart from the lessons they take, students will be able to make their projects and develop them with multifunctional computers. In the cluster computer environment where data-intensive applications are sampled, there are 40 desktop personal computers with up-to-date software and hardware.