Message from the Head of Computer Engineering Department

Dear Young People,
Istanbul Atlas University Computer Engineering Department It started education in the 2020-2021 academic year. By preparing and updating the curriculum of the program in accordance with the needs of the age, and by incorporating academics specialized in research and development in the fields of hardware, software and algorithms, it aims to train students who are equipped with up-to-date information and who have improved themselves with projects before entering the business life.

to information technologies ve to computer engineering It has been predicted as a result of the studies that the need in the globalizing world will continue for many years. Having the ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in complex engineering problems, advanced ability to identify, define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems; have the ability to select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods for this purpose; Ability to design a system, process, device or product to meet specific requirements under realistic constraints and conditions; For this purpose, being aware of the necessity of lifelong learning, able to apply modern design methods, having knowledge of foreign languages; have access to information, follow the developments in science and technology, have the ability to constantly renew themselves, act in accordance with ethical principles, and are aware of their professional and ethical responsibility; engineering knowledge of the standards used in computer engineers aims to train. After graduation Computer engineer Our students who received the title of software specialist, network designer, system analyst, application programmer, founder and administrator engineerThey can work as engineers working in research and development.

Dr. Inst. Mem. of Recep DURANAY
Head of Computer Engineering Department